Heating Upgrades


“We know exactly how to save you money on your heating bills”

Our engineers can provide this service without the need to replace your boiler. From fitting controls, power flushing or installations we can reduce your energy usage and reduce your energy bills.


We offer the following upgrades:

Smart Meters: With their in home displays you can keep track of your energy use, allowing you to make informed decisions and adapt your usage and reduce your cost.

All the parts and labour. They’re included in our price.

Zoned Heating: By installing theromastatic radiator valves or separate theromastats you can control the heat in individual rooms, meaning you are only heating the rooms in use.

Heating Controls: Program your heating to come on at a time that suits you.

Thermostats: Turning your thermostat down could save you £75 per year *Energy Saving Trust.

Power Flush: We will flush out the sludge in your system allowing it to use less energy meaning its saving you money.