Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor Heating Installation

The most comfortable form of heating you can enjoy in your home is underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is more aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient than radiators.

Underfloor heating radiates energy up through the floor which is absorbed by other objects in the room such as furniture which themselves become secondary heat emitters. You can relax in a warm and even comfortable heat without draughts or cold spots.

Radiators work by convention and push warm air upwards meaning your ceiling is the hottest part of the room and your floor is the coldest. The hot air from radiators can dry out a room and circulate dust which causes stuffy noses and dry eyes.

Underfloor heating is much more energy efficient than radiators as the hot water it uses is at a much lower temperature. Typically an underfloor heating system heats water to 40-60°C whereas a radiator is between 70-80°C

EcoHeat can install underfloor heating in most new or existing floor types including stone, wooden floors, battened and joisted floors. Underfloor heating can sit under stone floors, tiles and even some carpets.

EcoHeat Northwest offers underfloor heating installation for the following local areas – Bolton, Westhoughton, Atherton, Leigh, Tyldesley, Horwich, Aspull, Adlington, Chorley, Farnworth, Walkden, Bury, Salford and Manchester.